Wild Windellama

by Paul Alessi

December 2006

Haunted and Mysterious Australia

Tim the Yowie Man has just released a book that I think many of us will find interesting,
he came to visit me at home a few years ago and we discussed a few of the unusual
things to be found in Wild Windellama. He has a keen interest in everything out of the 
ordinary including our very rare and very ancient Ice Age Gum Trees, he has since written
an article on them for a scientific magazine and also spoke about them in a
presentation at the National Museum in Canberra for Threatened Species Day in 2005.

If you are looking for a special gift for someone or even for yourself for Christmas I recommend
you get a copy of Tim's new book.

Where is Australia’s most haunted house or most haunted town? Why are Min Min lights so mysterious?
Do bunyips really lurk on Australia’s east coast? In Haunted and Mysterious Australia, renowned 
paranormal investigator and travel writer, Tim the Yowie Man, explores these phenomena and other
perplexing mysteries. These stories range from poltergeists in tunnels beneath Sydney to ghost ships
and spooky goings-on in disused gaols and historic penal settlements.There are yowies, a rash of 
ghosts, haunted shipwrecks, a glowing cross, a knife-throwing phantom and a variety of wandering 
beasties who infest the swamps, forests and highlands of Australia. Old pubs, railway stations and 
country houses are a favourite haunt for wandering spirits and uneasy visitors, while Australia’s 
incredible rock formations, caves and grottos yield many rich and mysterious legends. 
When all else fails, there’s always a UFO or two to pick up the spirits.Complete with full colour photos,
map, illustrations and a comprehensive list of ghost tours, Haunted and Mysterious Australia is fascinating
reading for anyone with an interest in things that go bump in the night – true believers and skeptics alike.

If you would like a copy of this book personally signed by Tim the Yowie Man, just send $49.95 
(which also covers postage ) to Destiny Tours, PO Box 1962, Hornsby Westfield NSW, 1635 



Giant Wombats ?

The National Museum in Canberra has some excellent displays of native animals past and present,
the reconstructed Diprotodon (pictured) is an ancestor of both our Wombats and Koalas, it stands almost
2 metres high at the shoulder and is a most impressive beast, they lived in Australia during the last ice age
age around 10,000 years ago, it's a good thing we don't have these in our gardens these days.

Copyright Paul Alessi 2006